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It’s no suprise that South Africa’s leading program to search for automobiles is Auto Trader (South Africa). But a part of the company that’s been less than dramatic is the used cars section, which is fairly strange given that the majority of their cars are used vehicles. In order to make this right, Auto Trader has made its Employed Cars webpages the focus going ahead, and produced it the emphasis of their cellular program which itself has got some necessary traffic from younger buyers, who are also open to other resources for cars like classified and local listings. There are more than 45 thousand second hand vehicles on Auto Trader, and nearly all of these are from used car dealerships across SA.

It’s also the next biggest platform in SA where private vehicle sellers can list their automobiles and possibly find anyone to purchase the autos. Two years ago was an important time, particularly together with the re launch of the site. This year, with the gap between the newest cars and pre-owned motor automobiles growing broader and broader, thus, AutoTrader’s secondhand car supplying has become more affordable , and a very good choice for the budget. What makes this site so strong are two things,

  •  the financial backing of their parent company in the UK, Trader Media Group PLC
  • Its a household name
  • the general people’s demand for private transport as public transport is erratic

The second point being a consequence of the leading. It is practical for Trader Media to invest loads of money and time into Auto Trader. The ongoing circulation of the South African variant of the mag, coupled with all the end of the British version, is evidence of this. Over 1 5 000 copies of the magazine are distributed all across South Africa. Auto Trader’s magazine has helped a substantial quantity in delivering excellent service to its other companies in the last 20 years. A representative from Trade Media stated “the group has continued to improve the car and non-car sites in britain, Ireland and South Africa, notably in the latter as the nation migrates its promotion online from a conventional magazine base.” This explains the leap into mobile programs and making the website more and more dedicated to being an one-stop store for prospective buyers. Way down the list, Auto Trader Online is certainly one of SA’s hottest websites, where rivalry is by using enormous news publishers and search engines. To be candid, AutoTrader’s on-line platform is a like second-tier search motor, Consequently Empowering users a particular service, i.e., all we have to know before and following our vehicle purchase. In as recently as September 2013, Automobile Trader’s special visitors attained a total of 905 803 users. , and have maybe grown to more than a million guests since then. While its individual page views where at #3 in SA ranks at almost 30 million! Auto Trader South Africa’s potential lies in three regions, the online business which makes of their money and is the most secure, being wherever these same consumers are when they maneuver around, i.e. cellular, and being where consumers are while appreciating some leisure time and desiring a mag to read.

Something that has been on the cards for quite some time, is that the print publication might be closing down in SA, as it did in the UK, the Globe and Mail reported.